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Complete Care Tax Service

*These services are add-on options available for our Trucker Corporate Plans.

You’re managing a host of independent contractors, employees, state regulations and nexus issues. Your needs are different from a small owner-operator … and the financial risks are far greater.

Schedule a complimentary discovery session ($100 value) by answering a few quick questions so we can dive into helping you as soon as possible.


You drive we do the bookkeeping! Send us your bank statements, receipts and settlements, we do the rest.

Tax Preperation

We include your Personal taxes and business taxes as a Corporate Owner. You will know your taxes are done right by the professionals.

Tax Minimizer

Being in business should not mean paying more in taxes, but finding opportunities to minimize them. We look over your business to capture all tax breaks and lower taxes as much as is allowed by law

Personal Financial Review

Where do you stand? Do you need retirement planning, life insurance, etc.? Free Annual review with an Investment Advisor.

Profit & Loss Statements

Check your company’s financial performance every month. Catch problems early in your business to improve business performance

Unlimited Business Consultation

Our experienced industry experts are here to help you maximize profit and minimize taxes, giving you straightforward advice.

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