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At Trucker Tax Tools, we understand how important the transportation industry is to our country’s economy. This is why our bookkeeping & tax relief firm has an entire department dedicated to the trucking industry. Tax knowledge is important, but really understanding truck driver taxes is just as important. Our president has even had the privilege to speak at the OOIDA Truck to Success Seminar

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The Owner Operator

You’re a business owner, and now have an entire suite of tax strategies available to you that W-2 employee drivers don’t. But are you taking full advantage of the best strategies for truckers? Get the guide and let’s make sure you’re covered — from entity formation to deduction maximization, to much more.

The Corporate Enterprise

You’re managing a host of independent contractors, employees, state regulations and nexus issues. Your needs are different from a small owner-operator … and the financial risks are far greater.

Most Expensive Mistakes that cost Truckers THOUSANDS

We assist hundreds of Truck Drivers every month with our 40-plus years combined experience in Truckers’ Bookkeeping and Tax Relief.

Trucker Tax Tools Make Your Life Run Smoothly

As Owner Operators you need to know how your business in doing. Not just by how much you have in your pocket but actual business peformance. You know Trucking. We know trucking bookkeeping and taxes. Our experienced industry experts are here to help you maximize profit and minimize taxes, giving you straightforward advice.


You drive we do the bookkeeping! Send us your bank statements, receipts and settlements, we do the rest.

Profit & Loss Statements

Check your company’s financial performance every month. Catch problems early in your business to improve business performance

Tax Minimizer

Being in business should not mean paying more in taxes, but finding opportunities to minimize them. We look over your business to capture all tax breaks and lower taxes as much as is allowed by law

Life on the road can be taxing. But that doesn’t mean that your wallet should suffer. This free guide will give you the tools to never worry about your taxes again.

Our Client Testimonials

This is what just a few of our customers have said about Trucker Tax Tools. Don’t only take our word for it …

What to Do If You
Haven’t Filed Your Taxes in Years

Owe the IRS $’s? You can Eliminate Your IRS Debts Legally, Ethically — and for Much Less Than You Could Imagine!

If the IRS owes you money, there’s no penalty for filing your taxes late. If you owe them money, things can get very ugly very fast. If you haven’t filed your taxes in years, here’s what you need to know.

Whether you need 1 or 10 years of returns prepared our professional team can assist you with all of your bookkeeping & tax needs.

Our goal is to make the tax preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning.

Maybe you didn’t know that the IRS has an Offer in Compromise program that can be utilized by the tax payer when liability has been incorrectly assessed or when total liability is more than you can afford to pay.

When presented correctly to the IRS, this might mean your tax liability is entirely eliminated for as little as 1-15% of the total amount owed. Our experienced Tax Specialists can help you determine if you might qualify for an Offer in Compromise, or if a tax payment plan would be the better route for you to go.

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